Urban self storage construction projects are often referred to as a conversion. Self storage developers can utilize existing vacant buildings for mini storage construction. Conversion is the least expensive way to build and the fastest way to get into the self storage business. Conversions are a perfect fit for warehouse type structures, providing flexibility and fast construction. Self storage lockers construction can be “phased in” reducing vacancies.


NTC will walk you through the design and development stages of self storage building conversions to create a site plan so you can get started on your new business today. We offer Design assistance to meet your exacting requirements. We will prepare Floor Plans designed to work with practically any existing building in full compliance with the Ontario Building Code.


Drive up single-story self storage systems are the most common type of storage facilities in rural areas. They are often simple structures, flexible in design and economical to build. Storage customers tend to prefer easy access that is inherent to single-story structures and the recognizable structure means better visibility. Single-story storage facilities also give potential customers a wider variety of unit structures to fit their individual needs. NTC will supply and install a variety of single-story buildings of your choice. We can also supply and provide erection services for certain types of multi-story systems specially designed for self storage construction.


NEOTECH CONSTRUCTION INC. offers supply & installation services for a variety of cladding/siding profiles and metal roofing systems. We can also reface the old building stripping the old shell and putting in a new stunning building envelope of your choice.


Neotech Construction Inc. is involved in the installation of fully pre-engineered and pre-fabricated wall panel systems